Charity Bazaar at Kluang Mall

Charity Bazaar at Kluang Mall

Kluang, 12th May 2019 – This Ramadhan season here at  Kluang Mall,  we organised Charity Bazaar by inviting entrepreneurs with the 2 Years Exit Programme (2YEP) to showcase their talent, service and products including local good eats and clothing. 


This Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is a collaboration with the Welfare Department of Kluang (Pejabat Kebajikan Masyarakat Daerah Kluang) where the entrepreneurs are single mothers, physically challenged and recipients from the welfare assistance scheme.

The goal of Charity Bazaar is to provide a platform for local businesses to expand and to promote their services and products to local the community.

“We can’t think of a better place for local entrepreneurs to show their potential and increase their visibility here at Kluang Mall,” said Tey Fui Kien, Executive Director of Kluang Mall. “Kluang Mall will continue to be a bedrock for promoting social good to enhance the community and improving the local quality of life.”


Iftar With Underprivileged Kids

Kluang, 28th May 2019 – For this Ramadhan month, Kluang Mall distributed more than 50 financial contributions to children and the elderly folks under the Department of Social Welfare as part of our Corporate Citizenship initiatives.


Y.B. Muhammad Said bin Jonit, State Assembly Member of Mahkota, was at hand to distribute the donations along with Tey Ah Kau, Managing Director of Majupadu Development. 


Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes the Charity Bazaar held from 10 – 12th May 2019. Six entrepreneurs from the 2 Years Exit Programme (2YEP) were given the space to set up their kiosk to further boost their products. These entrepreneurs were selected and trained by the Department of Social Welfare to promote financial independence.




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