Festival of Light 2018 - Saree Queen Competition : Terms & Conditions


1. The competition is open to shoppers aged 18 – 35 years old. Limited to 20 contestants, first come first serve basis.

2. Registration starts from 1st – 25th October 2018. Pre-registration is required to participate in this competition and completed registration form is to submit to Kluang Mall Information Counter before 25th October 2018.

3. Registration fee is RM30.00 for each contestant. Every contestant would be awarded with a certificate.

4. Contestants are required to register and collect the competition number 60 minutes before the competition starts. Contestant may require to produce Identification Card to verify the age.

5. Contestants MUST present themselves in Creative Bollywood or Indian Cultural Outfit.

6. Contestants have to ensure finishing touches to be done before the assembly time to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

7. Each contestant’s presentation and attire will be assessed by three judges according to the criteria stated below:

Judging Criteria

40% - Appearance & grooming

30% - Creativity

20% - Stage Performance

10% - Audience Impact

8. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

9. Professional Code of Conduct:  The Event is a public event. Contestant(s) must recognize and   adhere to public-friendly code of conduct and language as well as acting in a first-class and professional manner. Consumption of alcohol or drugs before or during the event is not permitted.

10. Contestant(s) agrees that Kluang Mall may photograph, televise and video/audio tape the competition for non-commercial use, including but not limited to promotion, internet, broadcast and/or news coverage of the event.

11. Kluang Mall reserve the right to change/amend the rules and regulations for this competition in any way it sees fit and disqualify any entry for non-compliance with the rules and regulations outlined in this document.

12. Kluang Mall reserve the right to refuse entry/display of any attires entered into the competition that they deem inappropriate. Kluang Mall also reserve the right to cut short any acts that deem to be inappropriate and also reserve the right to disqualify any contestants within reason. All of the decisions are final.

13. Prizes must be collected by the winning contestants on the same day that the competition is held. Prizes not collected on the day will be forfeited. Winners shall be announced during the Prize Presentation Ceremony.

14. By participating in this competition, contestants are bound by the Terms and Conditions and all decision made by Kluang Mall.

15. Kluang Mall shall not be held liable for any costs, losses, damages or injuries before or during the competition.


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